Business Example Labour Relations

A landscape and snow removal company in Brampton titled Greenbird discusses some of the issues small businesses face with employees. They discuss how employees often leave without giving ample time for their employer to find a replacement leaving them in a very difficult position, as seen in the following page: The owner discusses how one of the biggest issues is that what employees and society doesn’t comprehend is that businesses have to invest a certain amount of money into each employee, and as a result it takes a while before they see a direct return on their investment. Examples of this investment can be seen in things such as training and equipment. A direct example provided by them is of their snow removal sector of the business in the following page: Another example that they provide is in the landscaping sector. They discuss how landscaping requires a certain amount of expertise to be able to do effectively and safely. Consequently, businesses often spend thousands of dollars on training one specific foreman on how to do their job, meanwhile more often than not that very same employee leaves them in a couple of months. The combination of paying the employees plus the initial investment makes it a net loss for landscape business owners. This is evidently seen in the following article: