Businesses and Employees

One of the most important aspects in growing a business is owner-employee relation. Without solid owner and employee relations, a business cannot function optimally. An example of this is the situation in the Cleveland Cavaliers organization in the NBA before 2011. The owner Dan Gilbert and his “employee” Lebron James consistently clashed ultimately leading to his infamous departure from the team to join the Miami Heat. Lebron felt as if he was being treated unfairly and put in intense scrutiny for inadequate reasons. As a result, Cleveland ended up being the worst franchise in the league for the next 4 years after Lebron James left. This is a direct example of the hazardous consequences of employee-owner relations going south. Another example of this seen in everyday life is seen in everyday life of small businesses. Businesses often miscommunicate their desires about the employee’s responsibilities causing there not to be enough clarity when the employee performs his role. Just by fixing communication, a lot of these problems can be solved from their core. This is the number one advice we give small businesses that are having trouble retaining employees and thus damaging their business. The following is a video about labor relations specifically in the teaching industry: